faceconomics New World Market Environment



European Union Market System = Fortress Europe, limited autonomy for member countries to decide their economic future.

= High unemployment

= Overvalued Currency that not all member countries can support with their national economy

= None existent fiscal policy for member countries

= Freedom of movement for every member state citizen regardless if they are  educated or not educated into wealthy member states.

= Unattractive labor laws for Foreign Direct Investment

= High Barriers to trade and LOW development infrastructure for infant industries and start-ups.

=Fast becoming a welfare group of nation states.

= More pensioners than taxpayers in most member states


United Kingdom Market System = New World Market, freedom to trade and develop their economic future via technology and local resources.

= Courting Frontier and Emerging Markets of Asia, South America and Africa via knowledge transfer and capacity building

= Willing to think outside the box when it comes to economic development

= Put a stop to free loaders from Continental Europe

= Home of the Spice Girls

Simple answer to BREXIT!